Pray with Purpose + Desire: Seize Me

Pray with Purpose-02.png

Join us this week as we continue our series on how to pray with purpose and desire. Last week we learned about coming to God with a prayer of "search me." If you've prayed that prayer with a heart genuinely looking for God to reveal to you who you are, He has plainly shown you something you need to change. Today, we move a step passed, searching. We pray for God to seize us; take full control of our lives. We surrender to the God who saved us, sanctified us, and adopted us.

Yo Pops! It's Your Day!

Happy Fathers Day from Lifepoint! Join us for this sermon as Aaron McGuire teaches us something new from a well-known story. The Prodigal Son is not only a parable teaching us how God’s grace is extended to us, even though we don’t deserve it; but, this parable is also a lesson to fathers who want to know how to be Christ-like in leading their families.

The Bible Doesn't Say That: Add to the Church

Many use the statement that we Add to the church. Though this statement is used in a positive way in giving responsibility to the church, it is wrong. We do not do the adding to the church, Jesus adds to HIS church. We as the church are given the responsibilities to Discipleship, Teaching and Reaching those around us. We Reach —> He Places………. We are to connect people to Jesus. Please join us as we look at what we as a church are to be doing.

Don’t Do Church - Be the Church