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Life groups kick off the week of September 3, and now's your chance to get plugged in! Pick whichever group is best for your schedule, with groups from Sunday to Thursday and everywhere in between. Don't miss the opportunity to grow closer to God while building relationships with fellow Jesus followers!

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J. Johnson Life Group
Led by Jim & Kathy Johnson. Meets Sunday evenings.
Hollowood Life Group
Led by Heath & Alyson Hollowood. Meets Monday evenings.
Dubina Life Group
Led by Brent & Heather Dubina. Meets Wednesday evenings.
Pattison Life Group
Led by Ryan & Jill Pattison. Meets Wednesday evenings.
Taylor Life Group
Led by Justin Taylor. Meets Wednesday evenin
Young Professionals Life Group
Led by Nicole Amodeo. Meets Wednesday evenings; for young adults with no kids.
Ladies' Life Group
Meets Thursday mornings.
College Life Group
Led by Aaron Johnson. Meets Thursday Evenings @ Waynesburg University